1. Doula Support

Pregnant couple with doula, using comfort measures during labour.

As a doula, my goal is to support you have a pregnancy, birth & postpartum experience you can think back to with confidence and peace.

Here is how you and I can make that happen.

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Additional Body Ready Method (BRM) Packages

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In addition to my standard prenatal visits and your BRM assessment included in most of my regular packages, I offer you the option of purchasing sessions where we practice 2-4 exercises that are tailored to YOUR body’s needs, and which you can implement in your daily routines.

My purpose is to help you:

  1. strengthen and lengthen your muscles as needed in order to make them as responsive as possible for birth;
  2. enhance your joint mobility and function;
  3. prepare your core and pelvic floor and stack the cards in your favour for the birth experience you desire;
  4. reduce your chances of tearing, medical interventions, incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, and other postpartum complications.

My packages are:

  • 1 Body Ready Method Session ($100) – once during pregnancy
  • 4 Body Ready Method Sessions ($400) – 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, postpartum (done during pregnancy so you are prepared for postpartum right away)
  • 6 Body Ready Method Sessions ($600) – twice each trimester (including one for postpartum)

2. Body Alignment & Health Support Program ($200/4 weeks + 1)

This program is for anyone who wants to revitalize the internal forces of their body through alignment. The osteopathic approach to health and wellness is that every dis-ease has a root cause in our (mis)alignment. The strength, mobility and responsiveness our body gains while pursuing alignment can support our nervous system regulation, our hormonal health, postpartum recovery, organ health, pain relief, fertility, mental health, and more.

While my belief is that there may be exceptions to alignment as being the root cause of all dis-eases, supporting our alignment is an excellent way of supporting our health journey.

It is important to understand that as with any healing or treatment modality, there is never any guarantee of cure, but I can promise you that I will support you with the best of my knowledge in restoring the strength of your body!

My 4 week program has three sessions, plus an optional session you can add on 3 months later (no additional fee required).

Before the first session, I send you an intake form and ask you for photos and videos of your body with specific instructions.

Session #1: we review your alignment and talk about ways you can improve your quality of life through basic lifestyle improvements like standing, sitting, breathing patterns, etc.

Session #2: I bring you 2-4 exercises that are tailored to YOU and your needs based on where your body requires greater strength, and where it requires more length.

Session #3: We discuss your next steps: options for bodywork, neurobiological approach to healing our body, and any other questions you have.

For these tools to have long term benefits it’s important to implement them for a few minutes everyday for at least 3 months.

This is why I give you the option of meeting three months later for an additional session. For this additional session, I would ask you for photos and videos of your body again.

3. Parent support program ($200/4 weeks)

Supporting the whole person; the whole child. My desire is to support you in helping your child heal from stress and trauma and grow towards living a purposeful and healthy life. My philosophy is that unwanted behaviour is only an expression of the problem, and not the issue in and of itself. So if you work with me, we will NOT be doing any behavioural therapy as I find this approach fundamentally lacking in addressing root causes. Rather, we will be detectives and explore the root emotional and physiological causes to their behaviours and working on healing those issues.

This is a program available to families of children aged 0-3.

After filling out a questionnaire about your child’s complete background, our 4-week program begins:

  1. Initial appointment to: i) debrief main concerns and understand the areas in which you want to help your child become cooperative and connected to you, ii) create a game-plan to help your child heal from any past stress and trauma, iii) discuss how to contain BIG feelings as they are happening.
  2. Second meeting to discuss i) your triggers, and ii) practical tools to support yourself when exploring and revisiting your childhood.
  3. Final follow-up meeting to i) ground your expectations from yourself and your child, ii) refer to physiological healing modalities you can use to support your parenting journey.
  4. There will be unlimited phone and text support in between meetings.

The time is now for a family life you deserve.

Please get in touch with me and I would love to support you on your parenting journey!

4. Breastfeeding support ($200/4 weeks)

As a breastfeeding counsellor, I look at your baby as a whole. A questionnaire about your baby’s complete background will give me a comprehensive understanding of what their needs are.

My support includes:

  1. Initial appointment to discuss pain points, expectations, and hands-on breastfeeding support (or via zoom if long-distance)
  2. Unlimited phone and text support in between;
  3. Final follow up appointment,

I can support you with:

  • Latch issues, including difficulty latching and painful latching
  • Understanding the physiological and emotional root causes of latch issues
  • Emotional and physiological healing modalities to drastically improve breastfeeding experience
  • Resource-based suggestions for thrush, cracked nipples, tongue ties and milk production
  • How to differentiate between crying for hunger, crying for the need to release stress, or crying for any other reason such as pain or overwhelm
  • Understanding your baby’s gastrointestinal pains, and the physical and emotional root causes, as well as available healing modalities
  • Referrals to paediatric dentist or ENT doctor if it becomes necessary for surgical tongue tie removal
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